Sunday, 7 December 2008

protection against pigeons

Much less frequently seen than the shrink-wrapped 'broccoli' you see in the supermarket, is the true broccoli - purple sprouting broccoli. This variety flowers in the spring and the florets are strong flavoured and peppery. Gorgeous!

But, purple sprouting broccoli has more admirers than me. Oh yes! Its flowers and leaves are the favourite nibble of wood pigeons. So, enter Protection Man in his Sustainability Mobile!

Here he has constructed a flimsy structure of children's broken hoola hoops stuffed into buddleia prunings, draped with reused plastic netting. Full marks for sustainability Protection Man, but will it stay upright if a wood pigeon sneezes?

Okay smart pants - only time will tell...

Anyway, the idea is that the plants will continue to grow some way beneath the netting so that the big, fat pigeons (who are the enemy) cannot land on top and have a nice rest whilst fattening themselves.

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