Thursday, 12 February 2009

cold weather for hens

Brrr - hard frost this morning. My poor bantams haven't been able to get out into the garden for ages and their run is still snowy. When we opened them up last week Holly (the adventurer) flew across the garden and spent the time standing on a small area of paving stones from which the snow had thawed. the others just couldn't be bothered. hens have sensitive feet and hate getting them cold. They don't really like muddy either!

But, here's a surprise, they are laying their little eggs. We are getting one a day at the moment. I would have predicted that this freezing weather would have slowed down their egg laying.

My theory is that their egg laying is triggered by day length.

Whatever it is , I am grateful. I used two fresh laid bantam eggs to make delicious scrambled egg on the toast featured on the other side.

Here's a picture of the hens as little girls in 2007.

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