Tuesday, 10 February 2009

it may be winter outside, but in my heart it's spring..

It still looks as Christmas should look outside. Okay, the snow has taken a beating, but is hanging on in there making the poor hens life a misery. How they hate cold feet!

This photo was taken during a walk on Saturday afternoon. The snow has thinned since then.

As a child, waiting for Christmas was unbearable.

Now I have Christmas weather in February, but waiting for spring to arrive is unbearable.

The sweet peas have made some progress over the winter in the unheated greenhouse and the crocus and daffodils have made a tentative attempt to get things started, but have obviously had second thoughts. Winter migrant thrushes hang onto berry bushes and I'm sure that there are waxwing around.

But we are in that interminable period when the birds are singing, it is lighter morning and evening, but it remains winter. I've got a list of jobs I want to get going with ...........but until the snow goes I have to wait patiently.

I could never do that as a child, and find it no easier now!

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