Friday, 4 June 2010

Garden re-design three and a half years on!

This blog began in 2006 when a major overhaul of our small back garden was needed.

The arrival of the greenhouse and our little bantams had changed things. Our pond needed rebuilding and re-siting and we needed to enlarge the paved area. We wanted to create a garden for relaxation.

The key notion was of 'sustainability' and so old rockery stones were re-used, old paving slabs re-used and organic methods employed throughout.

We also wanted to use the small space as a kitchen garden. In season (and in a good year!) we have apples, gooseberries, blackcurrants, plums and nectarines. We had three figs from our fig tree as well! We produce our own salad leaves in the two small beds and in pots. The greenhouse (glasshouse) and window boxes provide us with tomatoes. Borlotti beans are grown through the garden arches. Sage, rosemary, bay and thyme are some of the herbs we grow.

You will see how green the lawn is - no artificial fertilisers here. Our little bantams are our own free range nitrogen dispensers! Remember, that those of us on the ethical left field of gardening don't use powered mowers. I use an old Webb push mower discarded by the local vicar!

Wildlife is provided for by the planting of shrubs (some native), our pond and the choice of lots of flowers that attract insects. Native flowers are encouraged to support insects. The garden birds are fed to fatness! This year great tits nested successfully. Sadly our family of robins were not so successful.

Rainwater is stored.

There is still more work to be done (e.g. the shed needs to be screened) but most is now done and we can enjoy the fruits of our labours. Let the relaxation begin!!!

Go back to January 2007 to see how it looked then.

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