Sunday, 4 July 2010

miniature hostas

At Chelsea in May, the miniature hostas caught our attention. I have always enjoyed hostas and found the miniature form just as interesting as their bigger siblings.

We grow a series of hostas with an attractive lace hole effect as the season progresses! My gardening assistants do their best to control the slimy perpetrators of this damage.

We had planned to visit a specialist hosta nursery in Suffolk but it didn't fit with the itinerary.

So, imagine my surprise when a pack of miniature hostas arrived through the post as a Fathers Day gift! Wow! From my beautiful daughter Sarah. Varieties included 'Twist of lime', 'Wagtail' and the almost microscopic 'Cats eye'.

They looked tired and sad when they arrived but today, after a good drink overnight, I potted them and they already look much better.

Miniature hostas can quickly get lost in busy borders. The plan is to plant these into their own mini hosta environments after the little plants have put on a bit more growth.

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