Saturday, 14 May 2011

scots pine

There is a stand of tall Scots Pine (pinus sylvestris) on the site.

Scots Pine is one of our most beautiful trees - especially the russet glow of its trunk in the evening sunlight. The tree evokes the Abernethy Forest of the Scottish Cairngorms where capercailies breed.

Unfortunately, the trees were planted too closely together and never managed, so much of their beauty is lost. The closeness of planting has resulted in ungainly shapes and defoliation.

There are, however, three young trees that have grown away from the planted stand and they have a satisfying shape and make a positive contribution to the site. They range in size to five metres.

Scots Pines aren't believed to be indigenous to Nottinghamshire, but they like our sandy conditions. They are the larval food plant of around twenty species of moths as well as attracting goldcrests and siskins.

Their cones and flowers are lovely set against their long and elegant needles.

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