Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Pensthorpe, Near Fakenham, Norfolk, England.

Having been inspired by the gushing Carol Klein on BBC Gardeners' World, we travelled across to see Piet Oudolph's recreated garden at Pensthorpe.

Although we had probably arrived a number of weeks after the garden was at its best, it remained inspirational.

Here you can see the effective use of grasses in the planting scheme and the complementary colour and form of those perennials still in flower.

I particularly love the longevity of this planting style. The seed heads are left to provide texture and structure a long time after the flowers have finished. This is ideal for invertebrates and birds providing shelter and food throughout the winter.

The site is strimmed in February to allow the perennials and grasses to flourish again.

Strimming .. hasn't scything reached Pensthorpe yet...?


Kathryn said...

I've presented you with the Versatile Blogger's Award for your work here. Your thoughtfulness and creativity and wit are deserving of recognition! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us!
Visit my 09-28-2011 post to see more about your award.


Rob said...

Wow. How kind. Rob

LKW said...

Hi, Rob-
I wanted to comment on the foxgloves, but Blogger didn't cooperate on that post (I like the new format). How nice to have foxglove seedlings come up!

And kudos for the Versatile Blogger's Award, too.

Hope you're having cooler temps -- it's a total relief here to finally have some 'normal' fall weather.


Rob said...

Thanks Lisa.
New look is okay but lost side bars with links including to you site - my longest standing link.
Mighty hot under a chainsaw helmet, I can tell you. But a merciful and seasonal cool down is forecast.