Friday, 28 October 2011

cordwood nursery

Over the coming years we have an acre of gardens close to the house, an acre and a half of meadow, orchard, vegetable garden and so much more to fill with enticing plants ... and without a budget!
So, I am looking to friends and family to help with cuttings, seeds, seedlings, divisions - you name it, we'll have it!!!
I cheekily invited myself around to my clever cousin Sue’s garden suggesting I take ‘a few’ cuttings for our ‘new garden to be’. Sue is an amazing gardener and designer and Jill describes her garden as ‘magical’. She combines plants superbly and has a plants woman's eye for extra special plants.
By the time we’d arrived Sue had already been busy potting up and bagging big roots for us to take away and then she set about plants like a fevered locust with secateurs.
The conclusion of this frenzied morning is the following carried home in our car:
Clematis tangutica
Geranium Bill Wallis
Leycesteria Formosa (Pheasant berry)
Kalamaris Incise Charlotte
Geranium Psilostemon
Papaver rupifragum Orange Feathers
Geranium Johnson’s Blue
Harts Tongue Fern
White Dicentra
Leucanthemum X superbum (Shasta Daisy)
Aconitum Sparks (Monkshood)
Heuchera Greenfinch
Allium hollandicum Purple sensation
Fuschia Pink
Fuschia variegated
Lonicera evergreen
Hydrangea serrata Miranda (Lacecap hydrangea)
Garyya Elliptica (Silk-tassel bush)
Dianthus French pink
Witch Hazel
Cotinus coggygria (Purple smoke bush)
Hydrangea blue
Rosa Isphahan Large pink
Rosa x odorata ‘Mutabilis’
Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’
Rosa Frances E Leicester
Rosa Seagull/Wedding Day
Campanula blue
Back over to Roger's greenhouse where we potted up hardwood cuttings and then over to the rainy allotment where we planted out plants that were bagged or potted.
Not only was this a superb source of free plants, importantly these plants will always have the emotional tag of being from my lovely cousin and her lucky husband and chief gardening assistant Mal.


Irene @ SmilingGardener said...

Woah! What does it feels like to have a acre of garden? I would love to have my own big garden in the future when I will have my own house. I will make it as beautiful as it can be.

Rob said...

I know what you mean. It is a real privilege to have this opportunity.