Sunday, 30 October 2011

grand designs....?

Whenever we have described our project, almost without exception we have been asked 'Are you going on Grand Designs'?
This is the architects impression of what our bungalow would look like if we could also afford four bedrooms, a 'granny annex' and outbuildings. We can't - but had to include them in the drawings for planning permission purposes. Still looks out of this world to me!!!
British readers of this blog will know that 'Grand Designs' is the popular television programme that follows building projects from plan to execution with iconic presenter Kevin McLeod.
My response has always been the same - I have a face that has been described as perfect for radio.
None of us seeks publicity and we could only see disadvantages from being involved in something so high profile.

We are, however, hugely worried that we won't be able to see the project through due to limitations of budget. And someone whispered to us that although Grand Designs pay nothing for our involvement in their programme, there could be 'synergies' with companies wishing to showcase their products if we did appear on the programme.

So, we submitted TalkbackThames questionnaire by email - and I had a phone call from the production team the same day.

And here is the expeditionary force from the production company having filmed us talking for well over an hour. Next, they will deliberate, edit and possibly submit to Channel 4 and Mr McLeod before commissioning ... or not.

Watch this space!!!!

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