Saturday, 31 December 2011

hedge mulching

I live in a world of lists. Always have. And, oh, the indescribable pleasure of crossing things off.

Here's some evidence.

When we acquired the Old Mushroom Farm site, the hedge with Lamins Lane was in a poor state. Some years ago, a car had crashed through the hedge. Overgrown in places, it was riddled with rusty barbed wire and was an insecure boundary choked by weeds and full of gaps.

We have had some heavy rain recently, and so I was confident that the soil was thoroughly watered.

So to do the last job of mulching with wood chippings the newly planted hawthorn whips augmented by yew and holly collected on site brings a real sense of achievement.

Looking forward to 2012! New Year greetings to you!!


Matron said...

Oh those lists! this time of year it is so dull and soggy that the indoor world gets more attention for a while. Happy New Year!

Rob said...

It's odd, but I need to be outside, even in 'orrible weather!!