Tuesday, 27 December 2011

polytunnel progress

The distraction of Christmas is almost out of the way. No more changes to routines, unhealthy eating arrangements .... I can return to where I'm happiest.

And today was beautiful at Cordwood. The temperature temperate and the sky a cloudless pale blue.

And although we had to leave earlier than we would normally, we cleared more ground for our 'Christmas border' by mattocking out nettles and brambles. And found time to put the polythene sheeting on our polytunnel (hoop house).

Here, Andrea and Judith size up the job, aware that Andrea's dressmaking skills were a perfect match to those required for polytunnel polythene.

And here we have the polytunnel almost ready, with sheeting weighed down by soil in trenches.

Still the door to do...

But .... plants ahoy!!

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