Thursday, 23 February 2012

orchard .... nearly there!!

The painstaking, snail's pace progress reinstating the orchard at Cordwood is nearing completion:

  • spent from April to November removing the impenetrable build up of suckers, trees and brambles
  • pruned the old apple trees
  • created overlapping lines of cordoned apples and pears to act as a boundary between the orchard and the vegetable garden
  • the ground beneath all old apple trees has been cleared of perennial weeds and suckers
  • wood ash and manure has been applied to some of the trees
  • a general 'grot-busting' has taken place.

More manure needed, ground needs clearing beneath the knackered damson and plum. And the grass needs cutting to control the blackthorn suckered shoots that are emerging. I hope that one day, the sward in the orchard will become a wild flower meadow, cut once a year in July. And an old-fashioned beehive in pride of place!

Hopefully, all of the outstanding jobs out of the way by the end of the weekend.

And on to the next jobs!!

Too wet for Edison and the girls, but notice dad (84 this year) once again. A Cordwood regular.

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