Tuesday, 20 March 2012

vegetable garden border

The cordoned apples that separate the orchard and our nascent vegetable garden give an opportunity for more planting.

So, I'm drinking a lukewarm instant coffee and think that the cordons would support a less vigorous thornless rambler rose; perhaps a viticella clematis too...?

And what about a culinary border backed by the cordons that includes asparagus, rhubarb, chives, herbs ......

I've got the picture in my head until cousin Sue suggests I take my trailer down to her house where she has twenty bags of plants for me that have been liberated by her daughter Lucy from her garden. A chance for tea and delicious cake too.

Plan B..

So, there's dad (83) digging over the soil after I've mattocked and azarda-ed it and then me filling the newly created borders with perennials that include geraniums, day lillies, heucheras, hostas, geums and all manner of other beauties. The soil is impoverished so I spaded in compost and then gave each plant a handful of pelleted chicken manure before soaking with water.

There was such an abundance of lovely plants that I ran out of space and had to put the final bags into the polytunnel to await my next visit: epimediums, hostas and cyclamen ...

Great work and big thanks to Sue and husband Mal.


LKW said...

I loved catching up on your posts this evening! It looks like you're doing great things in your new garden.
I don't have chickens, but wasn't sorry to read about how upset yours were with the loss of the older hen.

Cheers, and keep up the good work!


Rob said...

Thanks Lisa- its an absorbing adventure. Rob