Friday, 11 May 2012

'keeping on top'.....

Wonderful wet rain has continued from April through into May. You can almost hear our sandland guzzling it up.

The fourteen month drought has truly ended and despite the cold, the plants are responding.

So as well as continuing to develop the gardens (whilst elsewhere on site big diggers excavate our foundations), just 'keeping on top' is a challenge.

A great day on Wednesday...

As well as pricking out yet more seedlings, Jill cleared all of our beds by hand with our Punjabi 'dachti' tool and then began edging the border onto the orchard.

I have been clearing nettles from the vegetable garden area but grabbed 35 minutes up in Picnic Wood and scythed 200 square metres before the rain became so steady that I had to give in...

 And throughout, the music of the Mistle Thrush echoing around the woodland: short, evocative, liquid phrases delivered from the tree tops even in the heavy rain.

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