Tuesday, 8 May 2012

new home for the hens...

Our Light Sussex bantam hens have had a traumatic time recently when the local fox killed our cockerel and two of the hens.

So, our temporary hen coop needs replacing and who better to do this than ........Roger?!

The coop will be raised up on legs so that vermin can't hide beneath. It'll also make the coop a little warmer in winter, being away from the cold ground.

Inside there will be perches and removable trays so that we can clean them out with minimum disturbance. The roof will be corrugated sheeting and there will also be corrugated sheeting covering part of the run.

Here he is on Sunday, putting the finishing touches to the frame - all made from recycled materials. He's working on the nestboxes where the hens will snuggle down into straw and lay. Dad's dubbed the nestboxes 'The Eggery'. That'll be its name forever.

The hens will be able to run in the orchard when we can watch them but will have a spacious 3m X 3m run for every day.

Here's a photo of Emmy having a lovely sandbath in the polytunnel.

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