Wednesday, 25 July 2012

cambridge botanic gardens

Our last visit to Cambridge Botanic Gardens was in chilly February when the East of England had experienced temperatures of  -15C.

How ironic then, that our next visit would see temperatures reach the upper twenties and cloudless blue skies for the first time in 2012.

A favourite garden, this time we had the pleasure of a guided walk all day from Pam.

Among the many highlights were the dry garden, demonstrating how attractive a garden can be when drought tolerant plants are used.

Erect Veronicastrum virginicum was in splendid flower, attracting many bees and several large flowered stonecrops were a shifting, wriggling mass of honeybees.

Also in full flower was the beautiful scented garden, giving us many ideas of how we can frame our new garden. None of the plants was rare or in any way unusual. But the effect was very pleasing.

 Why the garden doesn't have the kind of seed scheme for members that our RHS has is a surprise.

Recommend a visit.

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