Monday, 20 August 2012

internal walls begun

Work on on our new Waxwings bungalow continues in fine weather.

Conventional engineering bricks and blockwork have been laid to take the building to floor level.

Now comes the exciting part: the walls.

Here, the lightweight Celcon blocks go up, constructing the internal wall of the utility room and pantry. These thermal blocks are cemented with a thin layer of adhesive rather than traditional mortar. Conventionally constructed homes lose 25% of their heat through the mortar joints that hold bricks together.

These Celcon blocks are not only lighter to use, they only require a simple handsaw for cutting and so further speeding the construction process.

Bricklayers Bill and Stuart hope to get some Courses of the beautiful Ancaster stone that will face the external end walls and the pillars between windows this week.

Can't wait to see it...

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