Tuesday, 21 August 2012

the cedar walk..

The darkest and most neglected corner of our Cordwood site began its transformation in November 2011 when we had five sycamore trees removed. This opened up this corner and allowed the two majestic Atlas Blue Cedars (seventy feet tall) to be seen to best effect.

Judith and Jill began the long slog of clearance. Our arborists had not understood (!) our request that chippings be mounded and had broadcast them all over the area. These needed to be raked into piles - a great job for my dad (84). Next to go was the mat of nettles, brambles and ground elder.. Here's Jim at the turn of the year as we cleared the ground.

Then came a flurry of activity when in one dizzying day with a large party of friends we laid the path that meanders through the area and suddenly 'The Cedar Walk' had an identity.

This area of Cordwood is being used as a nursery for trees and shrubs until they can be moved to their permanent positions and so we have a ragbag of plants. Amongst the ragbag have been planted a hundred Nordman Firs that will grow to become family Christmas trees of the future. But the bare soil was not bare for long as annual weeds, deep rooted brambles and pernicious ground elder fought back.

But by now, our bulging 'Vegetable Garden' and allotment were yielding up perennial plants that would have their vigour increased by division. Tiarellas, various hardy geraniums, violas, bergenias and symphitums were planted to cover the ground and throttle the weeds.

Much more work to do, including another of Rogers excellent benches for the tired gardener to rest on...

But hey, great progress as I hope you'll agree.

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