Thursday, 24 January 2013

battening continues

kitchen and dining room showing battens
Slooow progress continues.

Window install still stalled due to weather.

Battening ceilings and internal walls and constructing service void to carry cables and water pipes in a false ceiling above the bedroom corridor, through the lobby, pantry and utility room continues.

We had a real 'factory' going yesterday with Roger making service void, dad sawing, Trev & Linda fixing ceiling battens and Jill & me fixing wall battens.

The wall and ceiling battens will give space for 'first fix' electrical cables and will then be used for fixing plasterboard.

lobby showing service void on upper right
Today I finished at lunchtime as my drill bit and screwdriver bit were worn and needed replacement ....... and my arms (resembling thin white string at the best of times) were beginning to turn to jelly. Pathetic.

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