Wednesday, 27 February 2013

One of those big birthdays has snuck up on me. 'What do you want?'

For my fiftieth we bought cordon apple trees and planted them at our allotment: they flourished and I'm pleased to see that other allotment holders have subsequently seen the value of cordons for delivering lots of delicious fruit in a small area. Pleased too that we  moved the cordons successfully last year to form a boundary between the orchard and the vegetable garden at Cordwood.

This time I'm thinking of plants again: they can act as a long-lasting reminder of special occasions and give pleasure for many years.

the 'permaculture' border before development
In 2012 we cleared the thick bramble scrub intertwined with nettles that had established themselves beneath our 28 metre avenue of silver birch (betula pendula) trees. Here's my plan....

Beneath the trees to establish a 'permaculture' or 'forest garden' border. Basically this is one that provides food.

So, as a first step we've got lots of hedging roses. Their thorny branches provide excellent roughage when eaten .... no no. Being silly. Their hips have traditionally been collected for their high vitamin C and preserved in things like rose hip syrup. The lovely Linda has been hankering after making rose hip syrup ... soon she'll have her chance. She and Trev have also come up with extra planting ideas..

This is my fave part...

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