Tuesday, 26 February 2013

bathroom time

Once again, apologies for the length of time between posts which is attributable in equal measure to the benighted Virgin media and their lousy broadband - and to being busy!!

For many people, the best part of building a house is coming up now... choosing floor finishes, paint colours .... and toilets.

Now, I have to admit that this is neither my interest nor forte. Visits to any kind of shops bring on extreme lethargy and indeed antipathy. I remember those happy days of long ago when I would begin the day with a six or eight mile run and then accompany Jill into town shopping. OK, I was still overcome by lethargy and antipathy but at least I had the excuse of having run all of my energy away before getting into a shop. Now, I have the same symptoms without the excuse...

So, thank God for Judith and Roger who accompanied us, clearly concerned that between the two of us we'd come up with some rubbishy ideas or that I'd nick off to a nursery or Garden Centre : a well-founded reason for concern in my case..

So, a day spent peering into toilets, sinks (fawcets) and baths. I take photos to make it look as though I'm taking on the case. What a disappointment I must be to Roger with his interest in 'dwarf walls' and wet room floors. I'm sorry I'm such a let down....

Still, we got there and are in a better position to make necessary and imminent decisions.

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