Thursday, 28 March 2013


When I was a teacher, it was my job to meet the wide range of needs of the pupils I taught.
Waxwings in fog
And there was frequently a nice, smiley child who no matter how I taught, simply didn't get it. I would try different ways, but would not make a lot of progress. I remember Nathan, on being asked what the weather was going to be that day, bouncing around the room saying 'Kangaroo!'.

I realised today that I've turned into that child. I am Nathan.

I'd arrived on site, on another freezing day to find our underfloor/ heat pump/ ventilation system guys waiting. I'd only gone today to check on the chickens' water. They wanted to talk..

They wanted to talk about the siting of the air source heat pump. Our groundworkers have helpfully deposited a huge pile of crushed brick and concrete where this will need to go.

So, off we go, talking about the shuttering they've brought; what the finished ground level will be; how many kilowatts power the air source heat pump needs; then onto the underfloor heating manifolds and whether stirling board is strong enough to hold them; then onto vents and core drilling.

Yesterday it was the same problem, but this time with floor screeds. I'd been told I need mesh to strengthen the screed around doors so off to the builders' merchants. Mesh for screed sir?  With a fibre screed? Never heard of it. Not needed.
I ask 'What about expansion joints?'. 'Yes' they say and give me samples. On return to site I'm told that expansion joints are not necessary. Never used them in all my career.

I'm spending my life in a fog and suddenly have such a fellow feeling for little Nathan. I don't actually know what these people are talking to me about.


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