Monday, 25 March 2013

underfloor heating

Drifting snow in this never ending icy spell closed our lane today, preventing the underfloor heating installers arriving as early as they had hoped. There's an irony in there somewhere...

If our new home was truly a passive house we would only need the equivalent of a 1kw single bar electric fire to heat the entire building. 'Waxwings', however, is too long and thin to achieve passive house status and so despite our airtight and insulated shell, we need the security of a back up heating system.
underfloor heating pipes

Underfloor heating will provide this, powered by an air source heat pump. This is like an air conditioning unit that works in reverse making our house warmer rather than cooler.

So, first, the underfloor heating pipes are clipped into the polystyrene underfloor insulation. This work will take most of the week, with the screeding of the floor to follow next week......

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