Sunday, 24 March 2013

'one of those days'...

You know you're in for 'one of those days'...
from lounge window

Snow thick on ground and car. Sit in car to turn ignition so that its warm when we've packed and driven to Cordwood. Door open, I'm sitting half in, half out. Ignition turned and the windscreen wipers sloooowly push a landmass of snow across the windscreen .. in slowmo I swing my legs into the car, pull the door closed with perfect timing to bring the entire avalanche of snow onto my lap in the car. Brilliant.
library and bedroom corridor

And on arrival at Cordwood, the snow so heavy on the drive that we can't take the cars to the bungalow.

Then, just what my gracile arms were designed for - a day chasing pipe runs into the blockwork walls with a heavy, vibrating drill.

shower valves will be here
There's Roger meticulously taping around incoming ducts in utility toilet and boot room to achieve air tightness. Jill and Judith foam filling gaps in polystyrene slabs and rebuilding polystyrene flooring where Chris the plumber has put in drains.

Some photos of us in action... notice the special showering provision for visiting women. Actually, that's where the shower mixing valves will go.

Of course, pipes frozen, so no water and we're washing our hands for a late lunch by rubbing them in the snow.

A long day completed, we headed home only to find disaster waiting: completely out of red wine. I deftly put a glug of Baileys in her coffee whilst wondering how to avoid us heading into the abyss, when a bottle of Co-op red that dad had given us was found in a corner. And relax...

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