Wednesday, 3 April 2013

floor screeded

screed arrives
This bewildering world of mine continues to baffle and challenge.

Screed ordered, delivered, laid - day one done. Chicken wire reinforcement good. Expansion joints good.

Onto day two with screed delivered, laid .... but hold on, the guys can't get their shovels into the screed mountain that stands where one day there will be patio. The inhibitor in the screed has stopped working due to the sun and the freezing north easterly wind.
dining room and lounge screeded

 Speak to Bardon who delivered screed who say that the inhibitor only lasts eight hours and we are past that. But, they forgot to put the phone on mute when I called and I hear that the mix was made at 6:30am this morning and I was there when it was delivered two hours later. So when the technical manager calls me back to tell me it's not their fault, I tell him neither is it mine and that the inhibitor was working for two hours before delivery. Money off next order we agreed.

base for heat pump
Then onto the complexity of ordering door frames and as always it's like a branching diagram that takes you down avenues you hadn't expected. Did I know that door frames have two legs and a head? I did after a briefing from our joiner prior to phoning the timber merchants. I also knew we wanted frames with a rebate. Who doesn't want a rebate was my reasoning. So, armed with sizes I called ..... but on ordering the man on the phone then started the usual minefield stuff - do we need cills? What? I pressed abort and will wrestle with this tomorrow.

Fortunately, we were able to mash the dried screed up with the digger, pour in water and then use the mix to finish the concrete base on which our air source heat pump will stand. Thanks to Steve from Newtec for sorting - and for softening up Bardon before I called.

On locking up at the end of the day I thought 'I won't be in tomorrow and might even get a lie in' because we are off hunting for floor tiles ... only to find that Pat had forgotten to take the site keys and had left them in the cabin door lock. So, that's me unlocking at 7:45am again....

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