Thursday, 4 April 2013

tile hunting and garden planning....

Are you a good shopper? The chances are you'll be a darn sight better than me.

Today, shopping for floor tiles ... and thank the Lord for Judith and Roger.

dry garden
We'd arrived in our first shop and one thing led to another and before I knew it I was negotiating for a serious quantity of tiles. But hold on, Jill and Judith said, we aren't necessarily having the first tile we see. My heart sank because they were right. Much more mooching around shops and showrooms was needed. By mid afternoon I was seriously flagging, needing tea and chocolate at my mums before I nodded off on her sofa, exhausted. Pity my poor wife, making serious decisions with a dufus like me for a partner. Thank the Lord for Judith and Roger who gave Jill the support that this human jellyfish struggled to provide.

And if you think I find shopping a challenge, just look at the grounds on the south side of Waxwings that will need landscaping with no budget for landscaping or plants.

fragrant or scented garden
The dry garden will be planted following inspiration from the great plantswoman Beth Chatto. Students at Nottingham Trent University are helping in the design of this area that will have a stone mulch to conserve moisture for the plants in this area.

A visit to Cambridge Botanic Garden inspired us to create a scented or fragrant garden close to the kitchen that will be home to the culinary herbs and other deliciously scented plants. I prefer to call this the scented garden but think fragrant is more accurate since it is not in the centre. Get used to this joke - it improves on the telling and I am especially proud of it.

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