Sunday, 21 April 2013


It's every gardeners' dream.. lovely, loamy topsoil.

And cripes don't we need it. After months of compression by diggers and dumpers and a dessicating north easterly wind, our impoverished sand looks as incapable of supporting life as Mars.

So, the offer of 150 tonnes crumbly, dark topsoil for free was hard to turn down. And it is crumbly. And dark..... And lumpy: more lumpy even than my homemade gravy.

The lumps are bricks, rocks, concrete, roots. The topsoil was free and has the potential to really help us. But, it's hard for two gardeners not to feel a little overfaced when the enormity of their task lies before them in endless lorry loads.

But there's a positive: I know that dad (85) is eagerly building himself up for the challenge of forking through this lot when he comes to help me on Wednesday. Bless him...

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