Friday, 19 April 2013


view from lounge through dining room into kitchen
On Wednesday the plasterboarders arrived.

Having fixed the ceiling and wall battens, it is probably understandable that there was nervousness on our part.

And we had to do some fine tuning as the boarders moved through the kitchen, dining room and lounge, fixing the 15mm ceiling boards. But not much.

library ceiling boarded
The boards are very heavy requiring a great deal of strength especially when fixing to the ceiling. Which is why they say 'Never pick a fight with a plasterers mate' : you heard it here first.

An immediate effect of the fixing of the plasterboard is a rise in temperature in those rooms that have been boarded.

And the library skylights now seem to bring so much more light in, helped by the whiteness of the boards.

Internal walls will not be boarded. Their function is to store the heat of the building - plasterboard would act to insulate these walls, preventing them from working efficently in this role. They will be rendered with 'Hardwall' which has a Uvalue of 0, allowing the thermal gain from the sun and the heat from the underfloor heating to be stored and released slowly.

More work tomorrow and Monday with Adey, our plasterer beginning after they have finished.

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