Tuesday, 11 June 2013

and now ladies and gentlemen - the rake-athon....

Another day, another massive task.

Having had hundreds of tons of heavy topsoil, first laid, then levelled in what will become our formal garden, the task became to turn this muddy field into a lawn. Our plan is to seed the entire area and then develop sections over the coming months and years until our work is done.

So, following the never-ending airtightness, battening, insulating of walls & floor, and ongoing painting, we now have the rake-athon. We have raked the 800m2 area, piled and then wheelbarrowed away the stones, rocks, glass, metal, wood and plastic and filled some of the hollows with sand barrowed back on the return journey after the stones have been barrowed away.

I visited Aldi, our local German supermarket for mushrooms and came away with seven packs of flower seeds (@£1.95 - another Aldi bargain!!), each to be shaken over 50m2. So, now the new lawn will be edged with scallops of colour as the seed germinates and matures.

The ground is raked and ready, the grass seed strains eagerly in two 15kg sacks....

Dad and I have cut small holes in our trouser pockets and are primed to feed grass seed into our pockets which will then trickle down our legs and be automatically distributed as we walk up and down the raked soil.

We now await rain....

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