Sunday, 9 June 2013

we begin again ...

Our plan at Cordwood has always been to have homes for two families - a home for Jill and me and a home for my sister Judith and husband Roger.

The foundation rafts for both bungalows were built, but we began with our bungalow - Waxwings. And now Goldcrest (Judith and Rogers home-to-be) has begun.
Its design is pretty much the same as ours, but with refinements arising from lessons we've learned along the way. We were the Guinea Pigs!!

So, blog readers, some of the posts over the coming months will give you a distinct sense of deja vu. Or you may read them and have that warm feeling you get when you watch repeats of 'Only Fools and Horses' or 'Friends'.

Engineering bricks and internal walls of Celcon insulating bricks have been laid this week. Note the Perinsul foam glass bricks onto which the Celcon blocks are bedded. These are to stop 'thermal bridging' - bringing the cold from the foundation raft into the house. Notice too, the wider-than-usual cavity to improve insulation.

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