Sunday, 23 June 2013

new lawn......

The rain of the past week may not have been welcome to all, but the God of lawns looked down on me and smiled. Having levelled the uneven ground and sown our grass seed, we needed a good drop of rain. And, by gosh we've had it.

Here's the new lawn, complete with puddles, showing every sign of thriving at this early stage.

We chose a cottage garden grass seed mix that included clover. The clover should keep the lawn green during dry weather and provide insects with lots of interest when it flowers.

Our plan at this stage of our garden development is to manage all of the formal garden area by mowing. In the autumn we hope to have a little time to begin to convert some of the area into beds. But that will have to wait while we rush to get the bungalow finished.

The other idea that must wait came from Matt when we had a picnic lunch on the terrace this week. He looked across the developing lawn and surrounding areas and said 'I see Robstock'. What a great idea!!! I'll get my electric guitar out of the annex...

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