Thursday, 4 July 2013

new family...

Look, I've been badgered. I know I haven't posted for a while, but give a man a break - I've been busy. And tired. We've all been tired. This self-build is not for the faint hearted, I can tell you.

I was so tired one morning that afer I had stuffed myself with breakfast crumpets and still feeling empty, Jill insisted that I stop by Aldi and buy myself one of their large fruit and nut chocolate bars. And you know, it did the business!!

So, I'm back - and lots to report. But in my twisted priorities I found the time to go and collect three new hens today.

And here they are, seventeen weeks old and about to begin laying. From left to right, Canna, Rhum and Eigg. Yes, the Scottish isles theme continued but I drew the line at calling one 'Muck'. That didn't seem fair.

The resident hens were non-too-pleased to have new friends. Iona, one of our little Light Sussex banties was furious, alternately spending her afternoon shouting out or chasing the new arrivals around the run.

I've gone for egg laying hybrids this time and bought them (£15 each) from Little Morton Farm. They really are very engaging and still babies with underdeveloped combs. Since being incubated, they've lived indoors and so looked bewildered by the sunshine, fresh air and angst-ridden company they experienced when I got them home.  they are so inexperienced that they didn't know to peck up the corn that Jill threw down for them. Jessie and the banties had a bonus! My plan is to add a couple more in the spring of next year - ideally a Leghorn hybrid laying white eggs and a Legbar  hybrid laying blue shelled eggs.

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a bunch of hens scratching around. I love having their company.

The new hens should begin laying next week and on average are expected to lay around 280 eggs a year each. Hang on, with big old Jessie laying as well plus a few from the banties, that's around 1000 eggs a year!!!

'Fried or boiled....?'

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