Monday, 3 June 2013

working party ....

We began our Cedar Walk path last year and had always had a vision that it would become part of a circular walk through our conifers. The plan is for there to be a beech hedge with two entrances through which you will enter an area of Cordwood with a very distinct character resulting from its shade and the acidity of the ground after fifty years of hosting commercial conifers. The area will be under-planted

with a mixture of native, locally provenanced rowan, birch, oak, holly and lime. Nordman firs will be sprinkled in amongst the the deciduous trees.

Beautiful June weather and the promise of a barbie brought out twenty of us on Saturday to clear weeds, lay log edging, chainsaw trees and barrow out wood chippings. Family and friends worked their socks off as we set about one of our biggest challenges.

And job done...! Or almost... We ran out of wood chippings and so are on the lookout for more.

Thanks to all for what was a wonderful day together.

We hope to have the mother of all bonfires later in the month, with the challenge for us to have our outdoor pizza oven ready!!!

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