Wednesday, 16 October 2013

the terrace

Another of them huge steps forward with the completion of the terrace....

I've already warbled on about its hidden environmental costs, but goldarnit it sets the south south of the bungalow off beautifully. The vision is for the Ancaster stone walls of the bungalow to host climbing plants, for the rain chains to feed aquatic containers and for decorative pots and planters to provide colour.

And once again, The Great Man came good. The pavers had been laid and we had to make a decision about the grouting. Conventional mortar or one of the brushed in sand grouts that are now available? The advantages of brushed in sand over conventional mortars are speed of application and durability. The cost of the material is higher but there is a saving on labour.

So, brushed in sand it will be. But hang on, that's £330 for 15 packs. And there doesn't seem enough to cover the vast area of the terrace..

In swings the Great Man with a suggestion that we brush in a sand cement mix to fill the deepest of the gaps between the pavers. Result - only seven packs used.

This wonderful setting deserves to be enjoyed. We couldn't get tickets for Glastonbury this year, so, if the mountain won't come to Mohammed ..... there'll just have to be a 'Rob-stock'..

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