Thursday, 7 November 2013

how to please a woman..

You live together, work hard. But still there's something missing.
In my case it's a big digger.
There's much to be proud of in what we've achieved in our new home, but we both are driven by a passion for the environment and very specifically, our own environment. We have some excellent garden designs drawn up for us by the students of Brackenhurst College and are chafing to translate some of these from paper to reality.
But first, there's the issue of time. I still haven't finished stuffing the loft with insulation (although we now have less than a third to complete). And we have much still to sort in our home. And the building of Goldcrest will dominate our thoughts over the coming months. And there's maintenance of the gardens we've created so far...
But we need to move many of the perennials and grasses we've been nurturing in the vegetable garden into their new homes in our 'prairie garden'.
So, second .. we are faced with a solid, sodden, heavy soil that will become home to our precious plants. It needs digging over, perennial weeds removing and soil improving before we can begin to move plants.
Ahah! Here come the Newtec boys, at the end of their shift to maunge up the soil with the big digger bucket to get the process begun.
I realise that sometimes, whatever I have to offer is not enough...

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