Wednesday, 15 January 2014

are npower more awful than the rest?

Let me get this off my chest. I've got one of my heads coming on. We've built a wonderful, low energy home. But that doesn't stop me being bogged down by an incompetent, craven energy company.

We did a final meter reading at our old home at the beginning of September. We'd paid the horrible npower electricity supplier by direct debit for our power and ended with them owing us nearly £400. So, watch your direct debits people and don't let them take more of your money than they are entitled to.

By the beginning of December there was no sign of my money. When I spoke to npower their representative told me that he couldn't take a complaint. They were so overwhelmed by complaints that there was a ten day queue to get to their complaints department!

But, I did get a complaint number. Whoopeydoo!!!
Edison and the girls - my kind of hen power

So, over a month later have I heard from these shysters? Of course not.

On the phone again. And now I'm told that the regulator gives them 56 days to respond to a complaint. Because I complained on the 5 December they've got another sixteen days before they need to respond. What!!?? So, it doesn't matter that this began on 5 September?? Always complain folks!! I'm told that their staff each receive around 40 complaints a day!!

So, they're sitting on my money. Doing nothing! No, actually they're doing something - making a vast unscrupulous profit from their customers. And customers have no power over these organisations. Regulators are their poodles giving companies like npower 56 days to respond to complaints that are already three months old.

But don't let us think that this malaise isunique to one poor company - it is endemic amongst all of the former nationalised industries. Our experience of BT Openreach. Or Western Power. Or Severn Trent Water is just as poor. Yesterday, on BBC Radio 4 they revealed how our water companies are overpaying dividends to shareholders in order to reduce the companies' liability to pay corporation tax.

The old concept of customer service is sooo last year dahling.

My solution? Utilities should be registered by government. Their performance as customer service organisations, green energy suppliers, home insulators should be monitored. Energy or water supply at affordable prices cannot be trusted to these type of organisations that are shareholder driven. The customer should be king!!! Where they fail their customers their licence should be revoked..

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