Monday, 13 January 2014

earth sheltered..

Our lovely new home is 'earth sheltered'.

This means that it is snuggled into the ground so that it remains warm and protected when the winter winds blow. Here's a toad showing how it's done.

We are earth sheltering our homes in a slightly more professional manner than Mr Toad. Stone filled wire cages (gabions) protect our walls, which have themselves been protected by waterproofing and polystyrene sheeting to absorb any pressure if the gabions sag.

Tonnes of rubble have then been mounded against the gabions with more work to be done this weekend. That's my weekend sorted.

But just to show you the state of play with our front entrance to the building. The mounding on both sides is held back by these beautiful Ancaster stone walls.

This is master craftsman Stuart's creation under the guidance of 'the great man'. I must also mention Tom 'The Bomb' who also built the walls. Tom's an upcoming boxer and it would be unwise to leave him out!

Our pal wonderful Dave (Jill's favourite) has fixed low level brick lights into the wall and a 'wall washer' light by the door - all LED's taking a fraction of the energy of conventional bulbs.

There will be paving leading to the door. Jill fancies having hydrangea petiolaris (not the South African paralympian) up against these shaded walls.

Soon, people, you won't need to enter the building via the tradesman's entrance!

Which is wonderful, and necessary. The only problem is finding the money to pay for it, now we've 'spent up'. Know anyone who wants to buy a kidney..?


Will said...

Wow! That is quite the project. I agree with the Hydrangeas. The thing I have a problem with at work is teaching people how to properly prune them. The natural tendency of how to do it is wrong and is the number one reason hydrangeas here often do not bloom properly. I would be very interested in seeing more photos, both in and outside when you are finished.

Rob said...

Thanks Will.
Will do!!