Wednesday, 29 January 2014

thank you

It had to come. We began the building of our new homes back in April 2012. During the succeeding time we've had the privilege of meeting with and working alongside some wonderful people.
And now our buildings are almost complete and our friends, like migrating birds, are moving to new places.

Our friends from newtec cleared the ground before the building began, laid the foundations and then built the bungalows.

So many newtec people have been involved, but playing a huge part have been Stuart, Dan, Pat, Carl, Tom and Franny. Thanks guys for all your hard work and all the laughs. Even if they were usually at my expense.

Directors Tim Crosby and Steve Waring have been tremendous in seeing Mikes architectural designs through to the finished buildings. Our relationship with these two fellers has been very special.

Tim and Steve
Tim, has always been the mastermind behind the scenes in his oversight of the building and its costings. I couldn't imagine a nicer person to give my life savings to.

And Steve (Jill's favourite) has been with us on the ground for most of the journey. It was his creative problem solving that gave us our library and fashioned our bathroom space. He was always there to advise and direct us.  The wonderful homes we have today are in large part due to his input. Boy, can that man eat biscuits!

A double sadness for us is not only the leaving, but to learn that Tim and Steve's partnership is coming to an end too. Newtec will continue with Tim at the helm. Steve moves on to a new chapter in his professional life.

It is is my dearest wish that we won't lose touch. You'll always have our thanks for your amazing contribution to our lives. And will be welcome whenever you visit.

You've been wonderful.

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