Monday, 27 January 2014

the best bit...

It's getting to that interesting time...

That really good time..
Wisley heathers

When we put together the planting scheme for the 'earth sheltering' banks that enclose our front door and the north side of our lovely new home.

Here's the plan.

Wisley grasses
Heathers. I'm seeing caluna and erica heathers that will give colour and forage for insects for an extended flowering period. I know that you're thinking 'How 70's'. You wanted flair not flares. Our visits to RHS Wisley and their heather collection gave us inspiration to create our own heather garden. And it's my hope that we can persuade lizards to live among the heathers. And red grouse too and hen harriers. I've gone too far again haven't I...?

And what better to complement those heathers than their 70's pals - the ornamental pines? It's almost Caledonian.

And then some whispering grasses... Jill loves her grasses.

And to keep that heathland aesthetic but with a funky twist, multi-stemmed Himalayan Birch. I'm salivating now.

Here;s the sting of course. All of this on a parsimonious budget. So, if yo know of anyone with heathers in their garden that they don't want or that need a haircut. I'm yah man!!

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