Monday, 28 July 2014

creating the kitchen garden

in the beginning ...
Two weeks since my last post?!
Perhaps I've been resting, you might think.
None of it!!
Outside the kitchen is a raised patio and then the rolling, black plastic covered swell that prevents weeds from laying siege to the house.
And now its time to stake my claim, to fence and tame this wilderness and create a welcoming kitchen garden of raised beds.
A few photos to plot my journey.
Most of my time has been taken building a fence that protects the raised patio and frames the new kitchen garden.
Now, I'm no carpenter as visitors seeing my structure will quickly attest. A short distance from us is the town of Chesterfield, famous for its crooked spire.
I have taken my inspiration from the spire giving my enterprise the title of Crooked Spire Joinery. My first creation is this creaking and twisted fence.
Of course, at this place, you're on public display. Tony, began by commenting on my 'man boobs' (us carpenters get hot in the sweltering sun), then attempted to console me about the aching gaps in my 'mitred corners' by saying I wouldn't notice the gaps when the wood had swollen in winter...
Imagine what it will look like after the winter rains have soaked and splintered it...

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