Saturday, 2 August 2014

kitchen garden

Lived a charmed life over the past couple of weeks really. Sometimes too hot. But dry - a useful element in outdoor DIY.
And although my progress would appear laboured to some, I am slowly getting there.
The fence is finished and has now had its Christening coat of wood preservative. A second is planned.
And now onto 'the innards' - the construction of raised beds for growing produce for the kitchen.
I'm using gravel boards with a coping on the top edge to protect them from rain - and for appearances sake. Beds will be 1100mm wide to enable us to reach into the middle of the bed without needing to step onto the soil. As I'm using tanalised timber, the beds will be lined with black plastic to prevent chemicals leeching into the soil.
I've built raised beds before but the aesthetics are slightly more important now that they are right outside the kitchen. And there is a slope  (a 'fall' to us professionals ) to contend with, requiring a bit of thinking through.
We have now entered a showery period, and so my snails' pace progress has further slowed. But I hope to have photos of at least some of the finished beds ready for next weekend. I spent a working career chasing impossible and meaningless targets and its a habit I've struggled to shake.
And, as I've come to expect, as I dig back to prepare the ground, there's tons of rubble. Managed to break a fork yesterday on one choice lump. But, as the Great Man tells me, it was free. And it's not like me to complain anyway.

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