Monday, 25 August 2014

kitchen garden 3

Very slowly, the kitchen garden continues to take shape.
A combination of limited carpentry prowess and other distractions is to blame.
And there are distractions. One is Tony who came to the project his regular 'once over' but who was more concerned about the disproportionate size of my feet to my body last
week. Now, I've got every reason to be modest about my physique but having large feet has never been a concern until now. But come to think of it, I wasn't concerned about my 'man boobs' until he spotted them.
So, whilst stomping about like a top-heavy circus clown I continue with tape measure, spirit level, saw and drill.
The next small group of beds is now complete with soil and compost shovelled in. Dad is seen shovelling a lovely mulch onto the first of the completed beds which have now been planted with cabbage and kale and sown with late beetroot and spinach.
Hours, days .. no weeks of work ahead. But we can see where we are going.

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