Sunday, 28 June 2015

June evenings

juvenile broad bodied chaser
Just lovin' being outside in June. Especially evenings, when the work is done.

The cold wind that seems to have blighted the preceding months has abated and now there's lots to be seen.

A family of great-spotted woodpeckers has regularly been bringing its boisterous family of three scarlet capped youngsters to the bird feeders.
The early evening sky has been frequently been marked by the passage of around 1500 rooks and jackdaws in a long, straggling party south to their summer roost.

Our muddy wallow of a pond has proved a fertile breeding ground for impressive broad bodied chaser dragonflies. An adult male with a sky blue thorax has set up its territory there and has been vigorously defending it. Meanwhile, at least five juveniles have emerged.

green silver lines moth

One of the quintessential Sherwood birds is the woodcock. Males are famed for their creaking territorial 'roding' flight at twilight over the tree canopy looking for lerv... One did a fly past from Crimea Plantation last night. Hands off, she's mine!!

And also looking for lerv are the male ghost moths that dance over the lawn in a 'lekking' display, showing off to females. Go boys!!

And then there's this beauty - a green silver lines moth - which arrived at the moth light last night. You're gorgeous!!

All of this ... and a glass of Jura single malt. I ask you ...?!

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