Friday, 19 June 2015

wildflower meadow progress

This year we are extending the wildflower meadow at Cordwood.

'no publicity'?
It has taken time because some areas intended as meadow were thick with rosebay willow herb, nettles and brambles. Now each of these plants, of course, has tremendous wildlife merits, but not in this part of the garden!! So, I've been working to clear ground and hope that I can get a rotavator on it in a couple of weeks. Then seed sowing can begin.

In the meantime, at Judith and Rogers end, they have made more progress. Last week we sowed a pollen and nectar mix into the subsoil seedbed we've created. The great news is that grey squirrels are really enjoying this smorgasbord of seeds!! Grrr!!

"Fox and cubs' or orange hawkweed has been transplanted into the meadow
This photo is one taken by my sister of us during the seed sowing. I think that Jill and I must have ticked the box marked 'no publicity'.

In the meantime, in phases 1 and 2 of the meadow, red clover is having it large and bumble bees are going boogaloo! And delightfully, this years impressive resident pheasant, 'The Sultan' has been busy and one of his six concubines has been seen in the new meadow with half a dozen seriously cute little ball-of-fluff babies.

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