Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Stop mowing roadside verges - 'Say no to mow!'

The mowing of roadside verges and central reservations must stop!
Here is my email to my county councillor. Join the campaign!!!

Dear Cllr Barnfather,

I am very disappointed to see so many of Nottinghamshire’s road side verges and central reservations closely mown at this time of year. Where there is no over-riding safety issue, I think that we should not be mowing these areas. 

First there is a cost issue - it would be interesting to know how much money our county is wasting on this each year?
Secondly, and of greater importance to me, is the detrimental effect that mowing has on biodiversity.
red tailed bumblebee and hoverfly enjoy knapweed
If we take as an example the A38 from J28 to Sutton. The Derbyshire section is unmown and hosts Greater Knapweed, Birds Foot Trefoil and is currently resplendent with Oxeye daisies. The border with our county is marked by deadly dull close mown grass. 
Not only is this aesthetically less pleasing, the effect on biodiversity is powerful.
If left unmown these areas can become home to a wide range of our native flora :
  • Changing land use means that many of our previously abundant wildflowers are declining rapidly in numbers. We should be taking every opportunity to give our beautiful wildflowers a chance to bloom in Nottinghamshire. Animal and plant communities are badly affected by the fragmentation of their populations. Roadside verges can act as ‘wildlife corridors’ enabling plant and animal species to recolonise areas if left unmown.
  • Our wildflowers are needed as essential links in the food chain - Oxeye daisies support 8 species of native moth caterpillars and diminutive Birds Foot Trefoil supports a mighty 22 species of moth and butterfly caterpillars. Our bees are suffering too and clearly need flowers to provide essential pollen and nectar. These invertebrates then support birds, mammals and bats.
We really must be more imaginative and proactive if we are to conserve and promote wildlife in our county.

At a time when so much of our wildlife is under pressure, it would be imaginative and prudent to stop the mowing of roadside verges and central reservations.

I hope we can count on your support in this.

Rob and Jill Carlyle

Let's build a consensus and change the roadside landscape of Nottinghamshire - ‘Say No to Mow!'

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