Tuesday, 5 February 2008

shrove tuesday - pancake day!!!!!!!!

Traditionally pancake day, it's Shrove Tuesday and the day when, as kids, we would all brag about the number of pancakes we'd eaten.
Oooh.. I'm stuffed!
So, if its bragging on a very small scale that is wanted have a look at the picture. The three little princesses who rule over the back garden took a break from laying for a couple of months. Two months buying eggs from the supermarket and wondering how they can sell free range eggs when the natural cycle of hens gives them a rest around the solstice. Whatever!
January 15th came and there was our first egg of 2008 and since then another fifteen.
And what better way to celebrate pancake day than with eggs from our own bantams.

I'm giving up shop eggs, not just for Lent but until the end of November.

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