Wednesday, 4 February 2009

my own superstore?

One day you realise that your kitchen is not only tired, it's exhausted!!!!!!!!

...And then you begin to think about making a few changes and then...... and then....

Our centrally heated and modern home has no place for the storage of the food we grow in our garden and allotment. Then, in my mind I've overlept my difficulties storing food by knocking a door through from the kitchen into the garage and converting the garage into a place for storing food: my own superstore!

And in my fever I had reused kitchen cabinets, worktops and sink. Walls had been freshly whitewashed and floor painted and the up-and-over door insulated to regulate temperature.

There is a place to wash vegetables brought from the allotment rather than bringing mud into the house. I am storing home-made preserves and jams in jars made from seasonal surplus onions or apples or soft fruits.

I had increased freezer space so that we had proper room for homemade bread, vegetables and soft fruit grown ourselves as well as surplus apples pressed and their juice frozen.

Sacks of stored own grown potatoes.

Boxes of our own grown stored dessert and cooking apples.

Bags of stored shallots and strings of red and white onions and garlic.

Pumpkins and squashes hanging in bags.

And a new plan for 2009 - a reused fridge to store home made cheese.

As well as seed potatoes, onion and shallot sets ready for next season's planting.

Am I turning into a Hobbit????????!!!!!!!!

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