Monday, 11 May 2009

the prize for the worst photo in the blogosphere

.. and this week goes to ....... sustainable garden!

But the photo quality is not the point here. Give me a break. It was taken just as the sun rose and ...

One of the principles that should be in good garden design is concealment. You should have surprises and not be able to see all of the features at once. There should be corners and different views.

And this is what you see from our patio window. How elegant is that? Not very. I'd tried the bamboo in a pot as a screen. Not quite worked.

So, at some point, after all of the seasonal planting is done, I will knock together a trellis screen that will host a beautiful actinidia. Then, from the patio window, you will see the beautiful pinks and whites and reds and greens of the foliage and not the garden shed.

That can come as a lovely surprise as you wend you way down the garden.

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