Sunday, 7 July 2013

a perfectionist ...

During our building adventure, Newtec have introduced us to some excellent tradesmen. Today's focus is our joiner: Dan.

Dan likes things to be right and he has been fixing our architraves and skirting boards. We chose 'Ogee' as our preferred profile and undercoated all the lengths of wood before Dan got his hands on them. And the race was on to keep ahead of him as he roared along. Of course, Dufuss here, painted the wrong side of the skirtings at first: how we laughed...

But, just look at these details:

Dan's tools set out as though he was preparing to carry out an NHS appendectomy..

This careful detail where there was insufficient space for architrave by a door..

The skirting turned where it meets the window frames..

Oh, and think of the hours of fun I'll have shuffling along the floor, filling, sanding, undercoating and glossing the 200+ metres of beautifully fixed skirting boards...

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